Dog Friendly Hotels and Rules for Staying in Them – Canine Adventures Await

Traveling with pets has evolved from a luxury to a norm, thanks to 60% of US hotels now welcoming pets. This shift reflects the growing recognition of pets as family members deserving of travel experiences.

Despite this progress, finding the right pet-friendly accommodation involves navigating through various hotel policies and catering to the unique needs of pets. This article aims to provide insights into the availability of dog-friendly hotels, helping to make your next trip with your furry friend as enjoyable as possible.

You can also consider other luxury gifts and amenities that can further enrich your pet’s travel experience, ensuring both of you enjoy a memorable and comfortable journey.

Key Features

  • Widespread Acceptance: 60% of US hotels now welcome pets, reflecting a significant shift towards recognizing pets as family members deserving of shared travel experiences.
  • Diverse Policies and Fees: Finding the right pet-friendly hotel requires navigating through a variety of hotel policies, including pet fees, size, and breed restrictions, which can significantly influence accommodation suitability.
  • Resource Availability: A wealth of resources, including guides and websites dedicated to pet travel, are available to help pet owners find accommodations that best fit their needs, making the search for the perfect stay easier.
  • Special Amenities for Pets: Many hotels offer unique amenities for pets, ranging from complimentary beds and bowls to special services like room service menus for pets, enhancing the travel experience for pets and their owners alike.
  • Behavioral Expectations: Hotels have specific expectations for pet behavior and etiquette to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests, emphasizing the importance of responsible pet ownership and preparation for travel.

Are Dog-Friendly Hotels Widely Available?

Dog in Hotel

The landscape of pet-friendly accommodations has evolved significantly, with a notable 60% of US hotels now welcoming pets. This shift reflects a growing recognition of the deep bond between pets and their owners, making travel with furry companions not just a possibility but a welcomed reality.

Statistical Insight

Recent surveys reveal that a substantial majority of hotels across the United States are now pet-friendly. This figure is a testament to the changing attitudes towards pet ownership and the travel industry’s efforts to accommodate the needs of pet owners.

However, this statistic also highlights the potential for a wide variety of pet policies and amenities among accommodations.


Despite the high percentage of hotels accepting pets, finding the right accommodation can still pose a challenge. The primary hurdle lies in the diversity of pet policies, which can vary dramatically from one hotel to the next.

Factors such as pet fees, size and breed restrictions, and available amenities can significantly influence the suitability of a hotel for pet owners.


To aid in the search for pet-friendly accommodations, a plethora of resources have been developed. Guides and websites dedicated to pet travel can provide comprehensive listings of hotels, along with detailed breakdowns of their pet policies.

These resources are invaluable for pet owners looking to find not just any accommodation, but the right fit for their furry friends.

How Challenging Is It to Locate Dog-Friendly Accommodations?

Locate Dog-Friendly Accommodations

In the quest for the perfect pet-friendly hotel, several steps can ensure a successful search. Understanding the hotel’s pet policy, exploring examples of accommodating chains, and navigating the variability in pet accommodations are key.


The first step in finding a dog-friendly hotel is to verify the property’s pet policy. This crucial step can save time and prevent any potential disappointments upon arrival.

Many hotels proudly advertise their pet-friendly status online, but a quick call can often provide the most up-to-date information.


From budget-conscious to luxury options, a variety of hotel chains have embraced pet-friendly policies. Chains like Motel 6 and La Quinta offer affordable options, while Kimpton and the Ritz-Carlton cater to those seeking more upscale accommodations.

Each chain has its unique approach to welcoming pets, demonstrating the range of options available to travelers.


The pet policies of hotels can vary significantly, not just between chains but within them. For instance, some La Quinta properties may welcome pets, while others do not.

This variability extends to the allocation of pet-friendly vs. pet-free rooms, catering both to pet owners and those with allergies or preferences against staying in pet-occupied rooms.

What Restrictions and Considerations Should I Be Aware Of?

When planning a stay with a pet, several restrictions and considerations come into play, including size and breed restrictions, fees and deposits, alone time rules, and health and safety requirements.

Size and Breed Restrictions

Hotels often have specific rules regarding the size and breed of pets they allow. These restrictions are in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests and pets.

Knowing these limitations in advance can help pet owners select the most accommodating venue for their companions.

Pet Fees and Deposits

The cost of staying with a pet can vary widely among hotels. Some may charge a nominal fee, while others may require a refundable deposit or a more substantial non-refundable fee.

Understanding these charges ahead of time can help in budgeting for travel expenses.

Alone Time Rules and Health and Safety

Policies regarding leaving pets unattended in rooms differ, with some hotels requiring pets to be crated and others not allowing it at all. Additionally, some establishments may require proof of vaccinations or a veterinarian’s certificate to ensure the health and safety of all guests.

Familiarizing oneself with these policies is essential for a smooth travel experience.

What Special Amenities Can My Dog Enjoy at These Hotels?

Special Amenities

Many hotels go beyond simply allowing pets to actively welcome them with special amenities designed to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as their human counterparts.

Luxury Treatment

Hotels like Kimpton and Virgin Hotels offer amenities such as complimentary pet beds, bowls, treats, and toys, ensuring pets feel as valued as their owners. These gestures can significantly enhance the travel experience for pets and their owners alike.

Additional Services

Some properties offer unique services to pet guests, such as the Loews Loves Pets program, which includes a room service menu for pets, or private surfing lessons at Loews Hotels and Resorts’ Coronado Bay Resort.

These extra touches can make for a memorable stay.

Are There Specific Behaviors and Etiquette Expected from My Dog?

dog Behaviors

Traveling with pets also comes with a set of expectations and responsibilities to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests.


Hotels expect pets to be well-behaved and quiet to prevent disturbances to other guests. Adhering to these expectations is crucial for maintaining a positive atmosphere within the hotel.


Pet owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior, including any damages caused during their stay. Being prepared to manage your pet’s behavior and potential impact on the hotel property is essential for a harmonious stay.

Traveling with pets requires thorough preparation and an understanding of the various policies and amenities offered by pet-friendly hotels. By considering these factors, pet owners can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both themselves and their furry friends.


Can I find pet-friendly hotels outside major cities?

Yes, pet-friendly hotels are available not just in major cities but also in smaller towns and rural areas, reflecting the widespread adoption of pet-friendly policies across various locations.

Are there any options for different budgets?

The range of pet-friendly accommodations spans from budget to luxury, ensuring that travelers can find options suitable for their financial situation.

How can I verify a hotel’s policy before booking?

The best approach is to check the hotel’s official website or contact them directly via phone or email. This ensures you receive the most current information regarding their pet policy.

Are there any tips for first-time travelers with pets to ensure a smooth stay?

For first-time travelers with pets, it’s important to familiarize your pet with their travel carrier or vehicle, bring familiar items like toys or blankets, ensure your pet is well-behaved in new environments, and always have up-to-date vaccination records and identification for your pet.

Do any hotels offer pet care or sitting services?

Some hotels do provide pet care or sitting services, either in-house or through partnerships with local pet care providers, to accommodate guests who need to leave their pets for a few hours.

What should I do if my pet has specific dietary needs?

For pets with specific dietary needs, inquire with the hotel in advance if they can accommodate special diets with their pet room service menu, or consider bringing your pet’s food from home.

Final Words

In the world of dog-friendly hotels, preparation is key to ensuring a rewarding experience for both you and your pet. The growth in pet-friendly lodging has simplified the process of discovering new places with your furry friend.

Success hinges on understanding hotel policies, considering any limitations, and making the most of pet-centric amenities. By researching and adhering to guidelines, your travels can be both enjoyable and seamless.

Ultimately, the rise in pet-friendly hotels enriches the bond between pets and owners, offering endless opportunities for shared journeys. So, gather your essentials (including your pet’s favorites) and embark on an adventure that welcomes you both with open arms.