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Puppy Panache – Luxury Dog Collars & Leashes

Your home for handmade leather luxury dog accessories.
Now you can showcase your pup’s panache to compliment your personal designer style!

Available in Black, Brown, and Grey.

Available in Black and Bordeaux.

Available in Black and Grey.

Exclusively in Black.

Driven by a desire to source truly designer-quality, luxury leather dog collars and leashes for my puppy,
I went to the heartland of design and fashion: Italy.

I wanted excellence, impeccable quality and uniqueness.
I found it in a group of wonderful artisans who now masterfully craft all of Puppy Panache’s products by hand.
Read my story here.

I’m thrilled to be able to bring these extraordinary pieces to fashion-conscious dog lovers everywhere.
Shop our inventory, or contact us to request a custom piece.

— Karen Lawton

Italian Leather: Four Reasons Why We Love It

As a discerning dog parent, I searched far and wide for luxurious leather leashes and collars. I paid a pretty penny for a few products that quickly faded, fell apart, cracked, or left stains on my dog’s fur. Then, I went to Europe, found Italian leather – and never looked back. 

Read about the 4 reasons why Puppy Panache loves Italian leather – and exclusively uses it for its line of luxury dog collars, leashes & custom accessories.

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