BULLET Collection

The BULLET Leather Dog Accessory Collection is luxurious and unique. All pieces in the Collection are made of genuine Italian soft calf leather and are characterized by their outstanding craftsmanship.

Both collar and leash consist of a single strip of leather, folded in half, and sewn on a continuum. This gives the product a unique softness and strength, providing maximum wear comfort for your pup. There are no protrusions or metal parts to irritate your dog’s skin.

The studs are applied by hand, one by one, and are hammered gently into place, offering a no-catch experience as well as a smooth, polished look.

All metal parts are made from iron and zamak alloy, finished in a palladium bath, making them tarnish-resistant and extremely durable.

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate dog accessory collection – look no further!