Rhinestone Dog Collar and Leash Set in Black Leather – GALA


  • All pieces are handmade from soft black Italian leather
  • Collar, leash & waste bag holder are adorned with fancy Swarovski crystals
  • Part of our GALA Collection



This fancy rhinestone dog collar and leash set in black leather brings both playful bling and luxurious quality to your leather dog accessories. It comes with its very own leather waste bag holder. All pieces in our GALA Collection are made of incredibly soft Italian calf leather and characterized by their outstanding craftsmanship.

Both the collar and leash consist of a single strip of leather, folded in half and sewn on a continuum. This gives the pieces a unique softness and strength, providing maximum wear comfort for your pup.

Hundreds of genuine Swarovski crystals and square stones are sewn on by hand for ultimate product durability. Against the black leather, they offer a contrast of truly unmatched brilliance and sparkle.

All metal parts are fabricated from iron and zamak alloy and finished in a palladium bath, making them tarnish-resistant and impervious to the ravishes of time.

We’ve spared no expense in designing the most luxurious rhinestone dog collar and leash set for your fur baby – give them the GALA Collection set and make them proudly shine!

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