Handmade Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set with Bag Holder – PASHA


  • All pieces are handmade from soft black Italian leather
  • Collar and Bag Holder are finished with green Swarovski crystals and stamped metal
  • Leash is adorned with white and black Swarovski crystals
  • Part of our PASHA Collection



This gorgeous PASHA Collection handmade dog collar and leash set with leather waste bag holder is the ultimate designer dog accessory.

Born from a perfect marriage of craftsmanship and high fashion materials, the ultra chic Italian leather collar sparkles with genuine Swarovski crystals. We’re combining that with a matching bag holder and the dazzling GALA leash – and voila! Classy, sparkling pizazz!

The handmade dog collar is lined with soft calf leather and expanded foam, ensuring maximum wear comfort for your pup. All metal parts are made from iron and zamak alloy, finished in a palladium bath, making them tarnish-resistant and extremely durable. And the use of ultralight stamped metal accessories ensure a featherweight collar that’s both comfortable and elegant.

So treat your puppy to this gorgeous handmade dog collar and leash set – and make them SHINE!

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