Gala Leash (Black)


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Gala Leash (Black)

The Gala Dog Leash is made of Luxury Italian Leather. The Gala Leash is made of a single strip of leather which is folded in the half and acts as the top and the bottom of the body of the leash. This feature provides strength and flexibility, while also protecting the hand set Swarovski Crystals. This provides durability, strength & longevity. Dog Fashionista ready!

The hook is cast in brass & inside the hook is a mechanism with a steel spring that allows an easy, fast and comfortable opening. All metal parts are finished in palladium bath.

A metal chain is sewn on the top of the leather next to the handle, where myriads of original Swarovski Crystals are embedded. IMPECCABLE UNIQUENESS abounds in this ultra brilliant leash, with hundreds of hand set Swavorski Crystals varied with Swavorski Square Stones. Why not go all in with the Gala Collection, consisting of: The Gala Leash, Gala Collar & Gala Bag Holder? Your Puppy will be showing their Panache with the finishing designer touch of the Gala Leash!



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