Bullet Collar (Black)

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Bullet Collar (Black)

The Bullet Dog Collar is made of Luxury Italian Tumbled Leather. In addition, the Bullet Collar characterized by exclusive traditional structure. It consists of a single strip of leather which is folded in the half and acts as the top and the bottom of the collar. This gives the product unique features such as flexibility, durability and maximum comfort. There are no protrusions on the inside part of the collar. Makes an excellent dog gift!

The studs are placed on one, two or three rows, depending on the size, applied by hand one by one and are altered in placement with smooth and hammered shapes, offering an incredible optical effect!

All metal parts are made iron and zamak alloy, finished in palladium bath.

Luxurious Quality abounds in the Bullet Collection giving your dog another option to be Puppy Panache!



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