How to Clean and Care For Leather Dog Collars and Leashes


How to clean a leather dog collar after your dog was in the water

If you’ve ever invested in any high end leather clothing or accessories, you know you’re unlikely to wear them while changing the oil in your car, or competing in a mud wrestling tournament. Similarly, our customers are more likely to use their Puppy Panache luxury leather dog collars and leashes to take their pooches on urban walks, dining al fresco, or trotting through the airport.  

But we all know even the most pampered pup sometimes streaks through a sprinkler or rolls around in the dirt. And when they do, you’ll be pleased to know you can clean your leather dog collars and leashes quickly, easily, and confidently. Here’s how.

Be Wary of Water 

First off – hopefully you’re keeping your dog leashed to prevent any impromptu romps in the river or pool. But if your hound pulls a Houdini and takes a quick dip in the lake, there’s no need to panic. Puppy Panache’s vegetable-tanned Italian leather will never  run or stain your pup’s fur. 

It’s however a good idea to dry the collar carefully and as soon as possible. Use a soft cloth to lightly pat the leather collar dry (no rubbing!). Place it in a well-ventilated spot, out of the sun, and continue drying it naturally. While you may be tempted to use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process, resist the urge – the heat can harm the leather. 

how to care for a leather dog collar after dog has been swimming

Use a Soft Touch to Remove Dirt Gently

No matter how careful you are, dirt sometimes happens. And when it does, the operative word for cleaning your leather dog collar or leash is soft. Use a soft, damp cloth and an equally soft touch to gently swipe the dirt away. Then let it dry naturally – just as described above. 

If you’ve owned your Puppy Panache Collar long enough for the Swarovski crystals to lose a bit of their luster from the oils in your dog’s fur, it’s easy to brighten them up for a family photo shoot with your four-legged best friend. Just use a packaged, pre-moistened alcohol pad to remove any oil from the crystals. These days, most of us have them around the house. If you don’t, they’re inexpensive and easy to find at Amazon or your neighborhood pharmacy.

Just remember to resist the temptation to soak a cotton ball in alcohol as a substitute. You’ll want to avoid dripping alcohol on the leather, which will cause stains or other damage.

Clean & Condition Your Leather Dog Collar

With proper care and attention, you shouldn’t need to use soap or other cleaning solutions on your Puppy Panache leather dog collar. But if you do need to treat a stubborn stain, avoid standard soaps or soaps containing alcohol. They can ruin the delicate leather.

Instead, choose a subtler cleaning agent, such as Kiwi saddle soap or Meltonian saddle soap. Wipe down the collar first with a damp, soft cloth. Then spread the saddle soap on the leather and allow it to absorb for a bit. Lastly, wipe it dry with another lint free, unmoistened cloth.

Saddle soaps are good for taking care for your leather dog collar

Likewise, you shouldn’t really need to condition your dog collar or leash. But if you choose to do so, we recommend cleaning and drying the leather first, then using a natural conditioning agent. Mink oil, essential lemon oil, leather honey oil, coconut oil, virgin olive oil, or beeswax work best.

If you are determined to use a commercially-available leather conditioner, first read the ingredients carefully. Ensure it doesn’t include silicone, alcohol, or wax (other than beeswax), because those can harm the leather. You’ll also want to avoid anything with harsh chemicals, as you don’t want those touching your dog’s neck or your hands. Be sure to follow the instructions on the container carefully.

How to clean leather? With Leather Honey.

Store Your Italian Leather Leash and Collar Safely

When your dog isn’t donning its collar and leash, you’ll want to store them in a well-ventilated area. It’s also recommended to keep them away from direct sunlight, which can dry out the leather and, with prolonged exposure, cause it to crack.

I like to keep mine hanging on a hook in the hallway. There, they are easy to access on the way out the door for our daily walks and activities. Though the Italian leather is high quality enough to spring back after being rolled up, the handcrafted leash and collar are beautiful enough that you’ll want to place them on display. Just be sure the sun isn’t hitting them directly at any point during the day.

Should you need to store your leash and collar for an extended period of time, first make sure it is clean and dry. Then place it inside a natural cloth bag, which will allow the leather to breathe and prevent any scratches. 

Enjoy Your Low-Maintenance Relationship with Puppy Panache Products

Most Puppy Panache customers have never once conditioned their products – and rarely need to clean their leather dog collar or leash.

I have used mine on a daily basis for more than two years, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve needed to pat it dry or swipe off dirt. And it still looks and feels brand new. I can say with confidence that you are very likely to have the same, low-maintenance relationship with your Puppy Panache leather collar and leash.

Puppy Panache leather dog collar after one year of use
This is what my Italian leather dog collar looks like after two years of use.



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