How Short Dog Leashes Increase Safety


Short dog leashes in urban areas


As COVID vaccinations ramp up, public health experts remind us that we need to continue smart social distancing practices for a few more months, until we reach herd immunity. This  includes dog walking. For city-dwellers, short dog leashes can help keep pooches safe by steering them away from urban dangers while also allowing people to maintain a safe distance from each other.

Short Leashes vs Long Leashes

Standard dog leashes are generally six feet long. This is ideal on a trail or in open spaces where there are few obstacles. 

But on crowded sidewalks, a long leash makes life more difficult. It’s more likely that your furry friend could trot into traffic, wrap its leash around a parking meter, or trip a fellow pedestrian while wandering a bit too far on a sniffing spree. 

short dog leash vs long dog leash
Here’s why long dog leashes can be a bad idea…

For taller dogs, an eight- to twelve-inch “Grab Tab” or “Traffic Lead” can be useful in keeping Fido right by your side. But these are generally too short to be useful for smaller breeds. They also don’t allow enough space between you and other humans who want to pet your irresistible fur baby (after asking permission, of course).

The Benefits of Short Leather Dog Leashes

This is where a shorter dog leash comes in handy. While there is no standard definition for leash length, anything shorter than six feet is generally considered a “short dog leash.” 

At 52 inches (including the handle), our Superstar Collection fits the bill. Designed specifically for urban environments – including restaurants, malls, parks, and city sidewalks – our Italian leather leashes let you make a fashion statement while social distancing with your dog. 

While the length is ideal for city life, there is another reason our leashes are exactly 52 inches long. Due to leather dimensions, this is the longest our Italian manufacturer can make the leashes without sewing seams. Those seams would diminish leash strength and durability. 

In order to ensure the exceptional quality our customers deserve and expect, we leave it to the leather experts to determine the optimal length of our leashes. Lucky for us – and our pooches – that length is perfect for the urban lifestyle many of our customers lead. 

Staying Fashionable in Times of Social Distancing

Like all of our dog collars and leashes, the SUPERSTAR Collection is made from the softest, finest Italian leather. Adorned with square princess-cut pyramids and round silver or Swarovski studs, the SUPERSTAR leather dog collar and short leash sets are available in a variety of colors, including caramel brown, black, red, and black with a red lining

And if you want to match your pet, you can choose a double wrap bracelet for yourself in these same colors – plus a sunny orange and hot pinkBlack Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set - Small | SUPERSTARNo matter what kind of fashion statement you and your pooch choose to make – make sure you stay up to date on the latest statements about COVID-19 and pets from public health experts. Here are a few facts to keep in mind regarding social distancing for dogs. 

Can My Dog Get or Spread COVID?

A small number of pets around the world have tested positive after close contact with people who had COVID-19. According to the CDC, most fully recovered after mild symptoms. Better yet, the risk of your pet spreading the virus to you or other humans is very low. 

Nevertheless, prevent your dog from coming into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has symptoms. This includes members of your own household. In other words, your dog should not be allowed to snuggle, lick, or sleep with COVID-positive people. 

Dogs and social distancing rules

Social Distancing with your Dog in Public

In public (when you’re virus-free, of course), you’ll want to keep your dog on a leash and avoid places where lots of people gather. There is no evidence that the virus can spread via pet fur, hair, or skin. But all animals carry germs that can make people sick. So, be sure to wash your hands after contact with your dog, your dog’s waste, or anyone else’s dog. It’s also a good idea to bring along hand sanitizer during walks to maintain proper hygiene when soap and water aren’t available. 

Just in case you’re wondering – your dog should not wear a mask. In fact, it could be harmful.

Stay safe, and stay fashionable with Puppy Panache.