How a Fall Dog Collar Can Feed Families & Brighten Smiles


Despite the challenging year we’ve had so far in 2020, there is something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: the unconditional love our dogs deliver daily. 

One way to repay this gift to our pampered pups is to present them with a reward. How about a brand-new, sparkling green and black Fall dog collar (with matching leather waste bag holder, of course)?

As a bonus, you’ll help feed hungry families displaced by wildfires. How? 

This puppy needs a Fall dog collar!

You Buy – We Donate

Through the end of Thanksgiving weekend 2020, Puppy Panache will make a cash donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County for every Pasha Collection purchase. We’ll donate $10 per Pasha collar and $5 for each Pasha bag holder you buy. If you want to increase the donation to $20, add a Gala leash to your order – or buy the entire set

Your purchase will help feed some of the 90,000 residents recently displaced by the Silverado fire. Many evacuees’ houses were saved, but they have been unable to return home due to health issues, often exacerbated by breathing in ash. Second Harvest Food Bank also supports airline, airport, and other travel industry employees – including Disneyland staff – who have been laid off due to the ongoing pandemic. 

In addition, COVID-19 has forced the closure of local Senior Centers, which offered hot meals at discounted pricse to many older residents. Our seniors are missing their connections with family and friends now more than ever. Many of them find it difficult to order groceries online. Others are fearful of having delivery people bring these items – which can be too heavy for them to lift – into their homes. 

By supporting the food bank, we aim to provide a resource that brings comfort to people during these challenging times.

Give Thanks to Your Pup with This Gorgeous Fall Dog Collar

Donating and creating good for others always makes one feel good. But you’ll also brighten smiles each time you’re out on a sunny walk with your pup. The sparkling of those green Swarovski crystals, studding your pup’s stylish Fall dog collar, are guaranteed to spread dazzling holiday joy.Lined with soft calf leather and expanded foam, the comfortable Pasha dog collar was born from the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and high fashion materials. Hand-sewn by Italian craftsmen on a continuum, a single strip of leather gives it strength, flexibility and durability.

Your leash then attaches to a chrome-plated ring in the center of the collar. The matching bag holder – which sports its own green Swarovski sparkle – clips onto the lightweight metal ring on your leash.

Picture your perfectly styled pooch, prancing along a downtown sidewalk. The twinkling holiday lights glint off the shiny emerald gems embedded in lush, black leather. No passerby will be able to miss – or resist remarking on – your pup’s stunning savoir faire in such a festive setting.

And even if you aren’t currently in the market for a luxury Italian leather dog collar and leash set but want to help feed families, you can make a direct donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, or you can locate and donate to your local food bank at Feeding America

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