Celebrate Your Dog With a Valentine’s Day Gift – or Win One!


Red leather dog collars make great valentine's day gifts for dogs


For some unconditional love this Valentine’s Day, perhaps you don’t need to look any further than your furry, four-legged friend. Dogs don’t care if we show up late, forget to shower, or lose the car keys, yet again. They love us exactly the way we are. And that’s why they deserve a Valentine’s Day gift that’s even better than chocolate (which they shouldn’t be eating anyway) 

Red is for LOVE – Leather is FOREVER

But what to give your pup as a token of your eternal love? We think red is for LOVE – but leather is forever! So why not show that you’re, without doubt, your dog’s biggest fan by adorning them with Puppy Panache’s latest creation – the SUPERSTAR Red Leather Dog Collar.red leather dog collar with studsThis studded red dog collar is handmade by skilled Italian artisans, using techniques that date back to the days of the Roman Empire. Depending on size, each collar is adorned with a single or double row of square princess-cut gold pyramid studs and small round silver studs. Using 40 manual steps, our expert craftspeople envelope the rivets of these durable, rust-resistant studs inside a sleeve of soft, supple leather. This ensures there are no exposed metal edges to pull your pup’s fur.

Also, thanks to the traditional vegetable-tanning process used to make our luxury leather dog collars, you’ll never have to worry about red stains on your dog’s neck – or on your carpet or furniture. 

Here’s How to Win a Puppy Panache Red Leather Collar

So this Valentine’s Day, make your pet look – and feel – like a SUPERSTAR with a shiny red leather dog collar. Or better yet – you and your pup can both be SUPERSTARS by wining a matching dog collar and bracelet in our Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaway! 

Valentines Day Dog Collar giveaway

Here’s how to enter: 

1. Make sure you’re following us @puppypanache

2. Tag 3 REAL friends for 1 entry and ask / make sure THEY FOLLOW US. Entries are unlimited so the more you tag, the more chances of winning!

3. Like this post.

4. For extra entries SHARE ON YOUR STORIES. Please take a screenshot and DM your story if you have a private account.

That’s it! 

Giveaway ends on Saturday, February 13th. The Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Valentine’s Day,
February 14th, 2021. Good luck!!

If your favorite furry Valentine is prettier in pink, or if the four-legged love of your life is of the feline variety, we’ve got you covered. The SUPERSTAR collection also includes a pink leather cat collar and a pink leather dog collar. We even offer it in black with a red lining.

No matter which one you choose, this unique Valentine’s Day gift for dogs will never fade – just like your pet’s unconditional love. 

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