Beverly Hills Dog Show 2019

Beverly Hills Dog Fashion show 2019

Puppy Panache went to the Beverly Hills Dog Show! Can I just say that is was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G? So I decided to report back on this most glam of all dog fashion events.

While I’ve seen the Westminster Dog Show on TV, I had never attended a live show before. Being a life long dog lover, I thought I had seen just about every type of dog. Well – I was so wrong. There are a mind-melting amount of breeds. Some even looked like they were the size of mini ponies.

Here – see for yourself:

Do You Know About Show Leads?

Wow, these dogs know how to strut! Watching the relationship between the handler and the dog was amazing. Of course dogs are really intelligent, but seeing their capabilities and the way they responded to their handlers was very special.

I also noticed that all dogs had show-specific leads. If you’ve never seen this type of leash – it’s basically a slip leash with a stop. And while they were functional, we sure wished we could have adorned those pups in our gorgeous Puppy Panache leather collars and leashes instead…

What is a Kerry Blue?

I was lucky enough to snag a brief chat with one of the dog handlers, Connor McFadden. The dog he was showing was a beautiful Kerry Blue Terrier – I was astounded at how soft his fur was.

Connor was super nice – he’d won the Beverly Hills Dog Show in 2018 in the Sporting Group, his father had won Westminster, and mom had also previously won the Beverly Hills Dog Show. Pretty cool to meet a family that had been connected to dogs and dog fasion for a lifetime.

Even if you couldn’t attend yourself – you can stream the 2019 show on NBC and check out the 2020 winners right here.

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