Custom Leather Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses

Have you been searching for that unique and luxurious custom leather dog collar, leash or harness for your beloved pup – but have only encountered sub-par quality materials and boring design everywhere?

Then look no further. Puppy Panache crafts high-quality, comfortable and supremely durable leather dog collars, leashes and bag holders – and we’re happy to make you a custom piece that reflects your style and your pups personality.

Dog modeling a custom leather dog harness and leash


But what makes Puppy Panache different from other custom dog collar producers? Let us count the ways…

Our Superb Craftsmanship

Italy is home to some of the world’s best-quality leather – and most skilled leather craftsmen. We’ve looked long and hard to find them, but the artisans producing our pieces are truly outstanding.

Their care and attention to detail shows itself in many ways. For example, they use one single folded piece of leather to avoid sharp edges. They also found that sewing on a continuum prevents fraying thread.

All metal studs and adornments are applied by hand, one by one. They are hammered gently into place, always offering a no-catch experience and a seamless, polished look.

Custom leather dog collar detail, by Puppy Panache

We Use Only Luxurious & Durable Materials

  • Leather: Puppy Panache designs are made of genuine Italian soft calf leather. This makes them incredibly soft and supple to the touch, and provides your pup with unmatched wear comfort.
  • Colors & Tanning: Our vegetable tanning process produces leather that is both color-fast and water-resistant – so there is never a chance of color transfer to your pup’s fur. Additionally, we’ve eliminated many of the chemicals and toxins used by industrial tanners.
  • Studs, Stamped Metals & Attachment Pieces: All metal parts are produced from iron and zamak alloy, finished in a palladium bath – resulting in tarnish-resistance and ensuring their extreme durability.
  • Jewels: We never use cheap glass jewels. Puppy Panache designs are bejeweled by genuine Swarovski crystals to give the finished piece a satisfyingly luxurious sparkle.

Buying a Puppy Panache custom piece means an investment into a long-lasting, durable accessory that provides you with joy and functionality for years to come.

custom leather dog collar and leash, by Puppy Panache

Unique Designer Style

One thing that truly sets us apart from all other custom dog collar companies is our commitment to your style.

Whether you want a specific color – sky blue, Ferrari red, or hot pink – a functionality we currently don’t have in inventory (like a harness), or even something that let’s you playfully and stylishly match your dogwe can make it for you!

We will always take care in designing a piece that is uniquely YOURS – and reflects your style and personality.


Custom dog collar and matching owner belt and pouch, by Puppy Panache


Ready to get us working on a custom design for you? 

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