About Our Designer Dog Collars and Leashes

Puppy Panache was brought into existence from a desire to locate (and eventually produce) fashionable, but quality designer leather dog collars and leashes.

Puppy Panache owner Karen Lawton

The Designer Dog Collar Quest

HI – I’m Karen Lawton. During my search for something out-of-the-ordinary for my own puppy, I found – exactly nothing. I wanted classy, high quality leather dog accessories. Simply enough, you might think. Not so. The search turned into a quest, and eventually became an obsession – you know, like that search for that one-of-a-kind handbag or unique pair of shoes.

What really drove my passion however was looking into my dog’s eyes every morning. He always showed such happiness, love, wonder, excitement, playfulness – and he walked with a pure sense of purpose, form and strut. I felt I really wanted something luxurious and unique that would accent his attributes.

Finding the Artisans

While on a trip in Italy then, the stars finally aligned. I found leather artisans that were as committed to quality, comfort and fashion as much as I am.

Building on my admiration of Gianni Versace – the renegade, genius designer on the forefront of fashion – I worked with these craftspeople to develop the stunning designs that are now my Bullet, Gala, Ghibli and Pasha Collections.

Designer Dog Collar & Leash & Waste Bag HolderWhy Puppy Panache?

I believe that every person has a unique and very special bond with their dog. That kind of love is unconditional and always available.

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day, exhausted – and as soon as you open that door, seeing your dog, faithfully present to greet you. He’s there with bright, happy eyes, a wagging tail, a wiggly butt, some kisses – and just so happy to see you.

So Puppy Panache is here to help YOU give something unique, luxurious and beautiful back to your special pup. After all – doesn’t every dog deserve to be stylin’ with their own Puppy Panache?

Custom Designs & More

In addition to our current Collections, I’m constantly researching new sources for quality hardware. I am also working on future designs that will be introduced this year (stay tuned to all the news via our Dog Fashion blog!).

I’m also always happy to do custom designs. If you are looking for a custom dog collar leash, email me at: info@puppypanache.com with your request. Please include correct measurements for the pieces you want made.

And if your puppy is already proudly strutting one of our designs, please share your photos with us on our Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to see your fur babies rockin’ their Puppy Panache!

Designer Dog Collar - Ghibli Hand-made Leather Dog Collar modeled by Savanna