Beverly Hills Dog Show 2019


The Beverly Hills Dog Show was very interesting! I’ve seen the Westminster Dog Show on TV but haven’t attended a live show before. Being a life long dog lover, I thought I had seen every type of dog. Well, I was so wrong! There are so many breeds of dogs. Some looked like the size of mini ponies.  The event was sponsored by Purina and was filmed by NBC. Please check your local listings as the Beverly Hills Dog Show will air on Easter Sunday by NBC SPORTS. It was quite an experience to attend the #BHDOGSHOW! 


We made it through the rain and got into the show. Wow, these dogs know how to strut! Watching the relationship between the handler and the dog was unique per handler and dog. All dogs had their show specific leads on. This was the first time we had seen this type of leash. Watching the side things that the handlers did with their dogs before the judges came over was interesting. They took treats straight from their mouths to the dogs; was a first time sighting for me. However, after the dogs got their treats, they re-aligned their stances and kept their sight set on the judge. We know that dogs are so intelligent but seeing their capabilities in these moments was special. All of the dogs were beautiful and had Panache! How we’d love to Puppy Panache these pups…


We met a lady at the show that flew all the way from Hawaii to pick up a dog that she had been watching online for months and waiting for the arrival of her puppy. I asked her about the current laws of bringing dogs to the islands. I was curious, as at one point I had considered moving there but they had a 6 month quarantine for any dogs moving to the island, so they could protect their unique habitat. She shared that the laws now have changed, providing dogs have all of their rabies done in the USA prior to moving to Hawaii.


We had a chance to briefly speak to one of the Dog Handler’s, Connor McFadden. The dog he was showing was a Kerry Blue Terrier. I’d never seen a dog like this. I asked him if I could pet him and he was so polite and said yes. The dog was so soft and had such a unique look. We’re able to ask some questions about the show and some of it’s processes. He was so nice and as it turned out, he’d won the Beverly Hills Dog Show in 2018 in the Sporting Group. After further conversation, his father Bill had won at the Westminster Dog Show. Connor’s Mom, Taffe had also previously won the Beverly Hills Dog Show. What a joy it was to meet Connor and learn more about how he and his family have been connected to dogs for a lifetime. I feel more informed and enjoyed the experience! All in all, a great way to spend a rainy Saturday in Southern California.

Stay tuned for the Beverly Hills Dog Show to be aired on NBC Sports Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 1 PM – 3 PM EDT (please check your local schedules for time).

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