Who’s ranked the #1 Fashion House in the World Currently?



Maria Bobila published on Fashionista.com on 2/6/19

Firstly, Fashionista’s article states that GUCCI is back on top as the World’s Hottest Fashion Brand. Meanwhile LYST calculated these results through many factors in the final quarter of 2018. Secondly, the Luxury Italian Fashion House was the most searched and shopped for brand throughout 2017 and early 2018.

The Rankings were as follows:

1. Gucci

2. Off-White

3. Balenciaga

4. Moncler

5. Fendi

6. Versace

7. Stone Island

8. Vetements

9. Valentino

10. Burberry

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Once you look at the above list of current Top Fashion Brands, from Industry Professionals that analyze performance of all fashion brands in the industry, it is pretty impressive. Moreover, out of the current top 10 Fashion Brands in the World, 5 of them are from Italy!



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Puppy Panache

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