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Puppy Panache was brought into existence from a desire to locate Designer Quality & Fashionable Dog Collars. The search began for something out of the normal, for something that could compliment not only one individual but many friend’s personal designer style. The search turned into a quest, something beyond desire, it became an obsession (like that search for the 1 of a kind handbag or unique pair of shoes, but way more intense). What really drove this passion was looking in my dog eyes every morning. He always shows such happiness, love, wonder, excitement, playfulness and walks with pure sense of purpose with perfect form and strut! I wanted something luxurious and unique that would accent his attributes, as well as my friend’s with their unique fur babies.

When the stars align, watch out! While in Italy, we looked for the best quality product and had to have something created by the best Artisans that have been generating high quality fashion for centuries. The end of the trip was approaching quickly and then wah-lah! The most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, since the passing of Gianni Versace. His designs were on the fore front and sparked a whole new level of passion for design and appreciation of the creations of many designers. The minute I saw these designs, I knew we had to have them! We started communications and a plan to bring to life Puppy Panache and bring these products to all others that have a need to dress their dogs with the same quality and fashion that they dress their selves in.

Pasha Collection Soft Leather Collar modeled by Baci

We believe that every person that has a dog, has a unique and very special bond. That kind of love is unconditional and always available. There’s nothing like walking in the door after a long day, fighting traffic, along with all of the others things that can hit you in a day & then you arrive at home. As soon as you open that door, your dog is always there to greet you with a wagging tail, attached to a wigglebutt, some kisses and so happy to see you! Due to that special bond and if you desire something unique and luxurious; Puppy Panache is here to provide you with options for your special pup. After all, doesn’t every dog deserve to be stylin’ with their own Puppy Panache?

You might ask yourself, “ok, I’ve been on the website, now what?” There’s a lot to look at on the site. In addition to what you currently see, research is being done to source quality hardware for up and coming future designs that will be randomly introduced at different points in the year. Believe it or not, there is so much that goes into the creation of the design, product and quality, it takes time. In addition to that, we’ve already had some of the current designs made into custom pieces per requests. This is also possible to request custom items  by sending an email to: with your request BUT we must have correct measurements for the pieces you want made, as it can be done per your specific specifications. Please feel free to share your photos with us on our Facebook and Instagram links for Puppy Panache. We love to see your fur babies rockin’ out their Puppy Panache!

Hand-made Leather Ghibli Collection modeled by Savanna

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  • I purchased the leash and bag holder from the GHIBLI Collection. My dog has a double coat of fur, so I need a rolled collar for him, otherwise I would’ve got the matching collar too. This is gorgeous and of course I love the bling! The products are excellent quality. I don’t think you could find better quality out there. The bling is not glued on but studded so they will not fall off. I have never seen this before.

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